Kyoto Machiya Ryokan Roman-kan

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Reservation here. Book by Phone:050-3612-8376

We come across in the Taisho-era Machiya

  • Relax in Japanese rooms
  • Atmosphere of Taisho-era
  • Cultural experience

Reservation here tel:050-3612-8376 Reception Hours:8:00~22:00

24h Online Booking

Welcome to our traditional accommodation with an atmosphere featuring the mixture of Western and Japanese culture

With retro lamps, interiors, unique-shaped wooden board furnished, you could simultaneously feel traditional and modern mood in this Machiya town house. This is located with roughly 10 min walking distance from Kyoto main station. It is possible for you to relaxingly enjoy a traditional Japanese space in the convenient place. We are pleased to welcome each of you and hopefully it would be a special stay for you.

On top, we offer guests Japanese experiences in Roman-Kan. You could walk throughout Kyoto with Kimonos wore, and feel “Wabi-Sabi” by Tea ceremony. We occasionally hold a seasonal event like “Somen-Nagashi”.

HOSTELWORLD Certificate of Excellence エクセレンス認証

Relax in Japanese rooms

We renovated a Machiya town house for modern, authentic, and stylish Japanese rooms. You feel real Kyoto and unique time in Taisho-era.


Atmosphere of Taisho-era

Having stained glasses, retro lamps, or unique-shaped wooden board, you could chill out to the full extent in a good mood.


Cultural experience

Tea ceremony & Kimono experience Available.


Kimono experience,
  back to the antiquity

  Tea ceremony,
    feeling “Wabi-Sabi”

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